Usman name Meaning in Urdu

Usman name Meaning in Urdu with Lucky Number, Lucky Day, Lucky Stone and many other useful details.

Usman Name Meaning

Usman is a Muslim Boy Name, and it has multiple Islamic meanings, But the best Usman name meaning is Hazrat Usman Ghani, it is Arabic originated the name, and it is associated lucky number 4.

Usman name Meaning in Urdu

Usmanانگریزی نام
حضرت عثمانمعنی
محمد عثمان، علی عثمان، عثمان یاسین، احسن عثمانتفصیل
4لکی نمبر
جمعہ, سوموارموافق دن
نیلا, سبز,موافق رنگ
مرکتموافق پتھر
چاندیموافق دھاتیں
Usman name Meaning in Urdu

The lucky number associated with the name of Usman is “4”.

Usman’s name meaning in English is “Hazrat Usman Ghani”.

The Origin of Usman’s name is Arabic.

The Religion of Usman’s name is Muslim.

The suspicious colour of Usman’s name is Blue, Green and White.

Usman Name Meaning in Urdu
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